Forever Fae - L.P. Dover
Sadly, this one was not for me. The story was predictable, the romance made no sense, and the suspense fell flat.
The story is told from the perspective of the power couple and the big baddie, leaving no mystery at all to the plot. Knowing each side's game plan made for a pretty boring read.
The romance between Clasita and Ryder developes stupidly fast. I felt no connection between them at all. They said the words but it was as effective as saying them to a tree. I could understand it if they were pushed together by the prophecy but all involved insist it's true love.
The language shifts between a modern dialect and olden-style weirdly, with a fair bit of modern swearing that didn't really suit the characters. I have nothing against swearing it just didn't feel natural here. The mix disrupted the flow of the story, making it seem like some of the characters had a split personality.
The lore was interesting, though. The background for Aladair and the plot for the series intrigued me. I might check out the next book but I'm not in any hurry to do so.