Full Moon Rising - Keri Arthur
One of the best urban fantasy books I’ve read. Gets straight into the action with effortless world building despite being the first in a series.
There’s a lot of sex and sexual situations throughout the book but amazingly it doesn’t get in the way of the story. The sexy times work alongside everything to progress the plot, which is hard to do!
The mix of science fiction and fantasy, which I don’t usually like, works really well here. At no point did the science stuff make the werewolf stuff seem silly and vice versa.
Riley is an absolutely brilliant character. She’s a fighter without having to prove how tough she is (happens a bit too much in UF/PNR). She’s somewhat of a moral libertine but that seems to be the mindset of the werewolves here. Either way, it’s great to read about a woman that doesn’t act like casual sex with someone she’s attracted to will make her a bad person.
Great start to a series, I’ll definitely continue it.