Assumption - Aurora Rose Reynolds
I found this one a bit boring. The underlying story is pretty interesting and would be exciting to read if it was explored more. However, this book is really all about Autumn and Kenton hooking up (a few times) and living Happily Ever After.
Autumn really annoyed me at the beginning of the book. She complained quite a bit about being too beautiful and then decides to work as a stripper (sure thing sweetie). She gets much more likeable after the first chapter, though. Kenton, I can’t make up my mind on. Reynolds books focus on alpha males and he is definitely one of those but Kenton freaks me out a bit. I cannot figure out what he does for a living, he’s either a hitman or just a Professional Badass. Whatever it is he has ‘a very particular set of skills’ from where I don’t know. Coming from a seemingly vanilla background it doesn’t make much sense. The point is he protects ‘his woman’ and freaks me out in the process.
The story is romantic without making me gag and unlike a lot of romances, they don’t fall in love after two days which is good (that drives me nuts!). Their relationship makes a natural progression from frenemies to lovers in a decent amount of time. The smutty stuff is good, not too often or too little and never gets weird.